Sailing in Rogaland and
Pictures from some of the harbours I have visited
Skudeneshavn  Skudeneshavn
Have a very good-natured harbour. The inner part is small, so the boats have to lie close to each other. Lately some rental cottages has been built nearby the harbour. Although it is possible to walk to the stores and to "Old Skudenes". Some chairs and tables make it comfortable.

In 1998 Flipper was visiting us. Although Flipper swam around us for several days, and we were able to take on him and many people swam together with him (I did not do it), it was not easy to take a good picture. Flipper is a friendly adult male bottlenose, who has spent at least 8-10 years in the area. Someone told me Flipper has a length on about 3 meters, his weight is approximately 300 kg, and he is approximately 30 years of age. The dolphins is a tooth-whale and is no fish like the Porpoise.

Utsira  Utsira
Has two harbours: Norde-vågen (the harbour at the north of the island) and Søre-vågen (south). Depending on the wind-direction the harbours are used one or the other. This picture is from Norde-vågen and behind my children you find the coastal steamer which are sailing to/from Haugesund. Lately one of the old boat-houses is restored, and here you will find a restaurant.
Utsira has a preserving factory (Sildakongen) and about 220 inhabitants. Many people come here to study the stock of birds.
Roevaer Røvær 
After being sailing on the rough ocean for some hours we found the entrance to Røvær. It was like coming to a lagoon. The entrance is narrow and outside there are lots of rock awash and islets. Although it is worth to visit the fishing station. Here is no cars, but many nice footpaths around to the islands. The hostel near by the quay is known for the tasteful grateballs...
Espevaer  Espevær
Islands in the west of Bømlo with about 400 inhabitants. The islands contents of a very special species of rock, the green stone. The green stone was in stone age used to make tools.

On the picture you see the self-worked chain-ferry connecting Espevær and Store Kjeholmen.

Espevaer Espevær
You have to visit the famous ufo-ring. The ring appear clearly and crisply on the field.Espevær has a restored receiving station for lobster. It is worth to visit.
We are sailing..
 So we are sailing ....again to the next harbour.
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