Grilled sea-devil (frog fish)
Feast fish pan
Wolf-fish tin

Grilled sea-devil(frog fish) with beetroot- and orange-sauce


(4 persons)

600 g boneless fillets from sea-devil or other white fish
oil for grilling
3 little fresh beetroots
5 dl new-pressed orange juice
100 g unsalted butter
lemon juice
salt, pepper
steamed spinach

Peel off beetroots and cut them in small cubes. Put the beetroots in a pan in cold water and let it boil. Pour the water out of the pan. Squeeze the oranges, boil the orange juice and let it reduce to half quantity. Pour the juice to the beetroots. Let it cook together and steam out most of the water.

Whip the butter into beetroot and add salt, pepper and eventually lemon juice. Cut the fish to portions and fry it in a very hot frying pan. Sift salt and pepper. To be served with butter-steamed spinach and boiled potatoes. Fresh bred taste good.

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(8-10 portions)


3-4 kg different small fish, cod, haddock, plaice, wolf-fish, sea-devil and/or salmon
1 big onion
2 leek
2 ds olive oil
2 ds tomato purée
3 1 water
1 bottle simple whitewine
1 ds salt and 1 ds whole white pepper
3 bayberry leaves
1 ds fresh cut thyme
2 stem curled parsley
a little saffron

Cleance and fillet the fish. Remove the skin. Wash the heads (remove the gills) and all the bones. Cut the onion and what is green from the leek and fry it in the oil till it is clear and soft in. Avoid to be brown or burnt.

Stir in the tomato purée, put in the fish and bones, add the water and wine and boil without cover. Unfoam and add salt and the spice. Let the fish-juice cook under cover for 20 minutes, do not let it cook any longer because it properly will taste glue. Filter the juice and cook until there is 2,5 l left in the pot.

Cut the fish to portions and put them into the juice whiteout boiling for 5 minutes. Add crab, mussels and shrimps to be warm (not boil).

Add the white from the leek in slim rings. Boil and serve with bread and whitewine. Sprinkle dill and curled parsley before serving.

Special recipes

Wolf-fish tin
(6 personer)


1,2 kg fillets of wolf-fish
4 onions
2 ds butter
2 ts salt og 1/2 ts pepper
2 ds lemon juice
250 g mushroom
2 ds butter
2dl apple juice
3 dl cream
200 g mussels
100 g shrimps

Put the fish into a fire-proof tin containing 1,5 l.

Cut the onion to slim rings and fry soft in frying pan. Disperse the onion to the fish. Sprinkle salt and pepper and squeeze lemon juice to the fish. Cut the mushrooms in slices and fry in a frying pan. Put the mushroom to the tin. Pour on the apple juice and cream.

Put the tin into the oven (200 grades) for about 40 minutes. Add mussels and shrimps a couple of minutes before it is finish (just to be warm).

To be served with dressed lettuce, potatoes, paste or bread.

Special recipes

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