Bournemouth Image62.gif (13203 bytes) - a complete unknown city for me, (I am not interested in football ). But after my visit some days before Christmas 1999 I learned a lot more.
Bstrand.jpg (8798 bytes) Bournemouth has a 10 km beach of sand, temperate climate and lots of green fields and parks. A very beautiful city.
Bpalmer.jpg (16300 bytes) In the municipal department for parks and recreation grounds employees over 200 gardeners.

Here are many palm court and squirrels.

Bpinehurst2.jpg (25941 bytes) Bournemouth has approx. 155000 inhabitants, approx. 900 hotels and is one of the most popular seaside resort in England. If you are lucky, you might meet Norwegian and Danish staff at the hotels. The city also has an university and students from many countries.
Bhytter.jpg (11118 bytes) Down by the beach, you can rent small cottages for the day or weekend.
Bballong.jpg (7774 bytes) The balloon is a famous attraction. You can take a balloon voyage with view all over the city.
Close to Bournemouth you'll fiend Poole, the largest scenery harbour but one in the world. Poole is also known for its pottery industry. From Heathrow it takes 2 hour by bus (approx. 150 km) to Bournemouth: Travelling by bus is a low-cost transportation in England and we had a pleasant journey with "FlightLink". Did I swim? Oh no...It was winter and 4 degrees below zero...... Nyttige reiselinker
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