Sandeid in the fjords of Norway

Welcome  to Sandeid
Vindafjord council administration

 You'll find it in Ølen
Turistinformasjon Ølen v/ Unni Marie
Open monday to saturday
Vindafjord rådhus
Vindafjord council
- phone: 53 65 65 65
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Litle aboat Vindafjord
Some numbers from Vindafjord

Sandeid Harbour

Sandeid harbour 


Sandeid church

Sandeid church 
The first church was built about 1100 (at the old  place of sacrifice by the churchyard from the Middle Ages- near by the existing  chapel). This was a  stave church  beeing enlarged in 1625, but falling to pieces in the 17.-century . In 1814 the
stave church was tear down and replaced by a small church  without  steeple. This church was in use until 1904, when the existing church was build.

From the old churchyard
Churchyard from the Middle Ages

On the old churchyard is there an old  cross made of stone and a phallus.

Stuhaug Gardsmuseum
The cotter's farm  "Krokane". Storehouse on pillars from 1600. Cotter's cottage from 1700 og renovateed barn  og hut. 2400 objects  from 1600 until the last world war. Open according to a previous arrangement. Price: Adults kr 25,-, born kr 10,-. Greta og Rognald Stuhaug, Sandeid, phone 52761139
Fjellstøl ski- and outdoor establishment is prepared for  round-the-year use and a nice starting point for trim, walking tour and skiing tours in Etnefjell/Olalitraktene - summer as winter . The floodlit track is 3.5 km of length – in good ground conditions. Open hot-room with shower and public convenience. Large parking area. 


Fishing for salmon and trout 



Café - accommodation 


Timetable  for Haugalandet
Haugaland billag
Ruteservice Rogaland A/S

Rogaland trafikkselskap


AO Taxi - phone: 52761111
Johan Skeie - phone: 52761117

Naust i sentrum
Boat-house  at the fjord
Old peathut at Fjellstøl


From old times the farms down in the valley had a right to cut peat from the bogs at the mountain dairy farm. The peat was cut in the early summer placed for drying. Dry peat was placed in the huts. In  winter the peat was transported on sledge to the farms down in the walley. At this time the woodland  were small and the peat was used in sted of fire wood on the farms.

Brick walls and  parts from 25 peathuts in the area. Some of the huts was used until 1950. No one knows for shure when the huts was build, but we guess it happened at the time the woodland were reduced all over the country at the end of the 1700. In one of the bogs there is found clothes, human hair and  pearls. The peathuts are in private, but Sandeid bondelag has on voluntary communal work restored 3 huts.

Haugesund Røde Kors Hjelpekorps
Folkemengde i Sandeid 1951 - 1964

Sandeid Handelsskule 1960 -1981


Sandeid Handelslag
- tel: 52761284, 52761425

Sandeid Bensin AS
- phone: 52765070
Kaldheims Bildeler AS
- phone: 52761440
Vindafjord Aktivitetshus

Postboks 74, 5589 Sandeid
- phone 52 76 13 48

Government department 

Emergency ward 
- phone: 53 65 55 00

Olen - phone:
53 65 55 00
Vikedal - phone:
53 65 55 40
Ambulance - phone: 113
eller- phone: 53 65 55 00

Country police 
- phone:
 02800 or  112

Sandeid school
- phone: 52761217, 52761411
- phone: 52761478

Utsikt fra Østbøfeltet
View from Østbøfeltet
Other company

Vest-Ro Slakteri ANS
- phone: 52767400
Helgevold elektro AS
- phone: 52767300
Kaldheims Auto
- phone: 52767050
Suldal billakkering AS
- phone: 52767377
Sandeid Sement AS
- phone: 52761395

Sandeid Ungdomslag
Vindafjord kunstlag meetings every wednesday at 19.00 for art of painting  members. 

Vikedal Gjesteheim
Haugland gard

Hans Birkeland


Anne Brit Laugaland og
Asbjørn Larsen

View from the montain Hovda (591 moh)  facing south . Far on the horizon and behind the haze we find Stavanger. On the left is Sandeid. The highest top in the picture is Lysenuten (812 moh), but the top in the middle of the picture, Grytenuten, is a few metre taller then Lysenuten. The expressboat is comming from Vikedal. Far away, beyond  Sandeidfjorden, Vindafjorden, Krossfjorden, Ringafjorden og Nedstrandsfjorden you'll find Ombo.

Here is a larger picture

harbour New boat harbour in Sandeid

Sandeid Handelslag has built a new boat harbour with  landing stage for tourists.  Short way to store and gasoline

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