Some pictures from Lysenuten before and after the constructions were tear up
Lysenuten Sandeid centre with the quay and shopping centre on the left In the middle you see Østbøfeltet, and on the right is Strand (where I am living).
On top of the mountain you see the dishes before they were tear up. The picture is taken from Vestbøfjellet as I was on my way to Øktarenuten.

Lysenuten is 812 meter high. You will find a marked out path to the top as well from Strand as from Vikedal (Mo).

four dishes One of the four dishes. Observe the dimensions (people in front of the dish).
separated Everything were tear up because it was not in use any more.
carried down Everything were dismantled and carried down by helicopter.
left behind To day only a few small buildings and masts are left behind.


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